June 20, 2018

Report of Work Along the Far Western U.S.-Mexico Border

By Charles House

All brethren everywhere will be pleased to know that of the TWO BAPTISMS DURING DECEMBER AT SAN LUIS R. C. MEXICO,. ONE WAS A DENOMINATIONAL PREACHER, who is now preaching the Gospel of Christ. During my two meetings in SONOYTA AND CABORCA MEXICO IN JANUARY, WE HAD F I V E BAPTISMS. During this month of February, there were THREE BAPTISMS AT SONOYTA. Fidel Cisneros is the faithful preacher here.

At SAN LUIS R. C. SONORA MEXICO where I regularly preach every Sunday when I'm not away in meetings, we have started construction on the baptistery, two dressing rooms, and a good-sized classroom. The church here recently began meeting in the newly constructed auditorium several weeks ago. Gifts from individual brethren are making it possible for us to have an adequate building. As explained above, it is not entirely completed, thus we need further help from individual brethren yet.

During this month of February, the SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR through the BUREAU OF RECLAMATION will release land for sale here in SAN LUIS, ARIZONA USA, owned by the federal government. It has been planned for over two years to buy lots and eventually build a small building here on the USA side of the border. Continue to pray for us that God's will might be done and that He might be glorified in all things. Write for the printed monthly report of the work along the far western U. S. - MEXICO border.

Truth Magazine IX: 9, p. 6
June 1965