July 16, 2018


By Wm. E. Wallace

In this issue we carry articles by Elvis Bozarth and A. C. Grider. They write in response to articles by Dudley Ross Spears and me which appeared in the June issue. Bozarth and Grider are good and soundmen and we are glad to carry their response. I count them both as dear friends.

I believe their articles indicate some misunderstanding of the purposes of the Wallace and Spears articles, and I think Bozarth and Grider inadequately and maybe incorrectly read Spears. But they have a right to be heard.

So far as I am personally concerned I am quite satisfied and pleased over Grider's statement, "When brethren want to say we need to get back to discussing INSTITUTIONS I will quite agree with them." It is also a source of encouragement to read Bozarth's observation that "Their (Wallace and Spears) sentiments are generally representative of those who have by pen and debate borne the brunt of the battle over these issues."

Truth Magazine IX: 12, p. 4
September 1965