June 19, 2018

Staying Focused Under Pressure

On the Tuesday before Jesus was crucified on Friday, He engaged the Jews in debate. His authority was questioned (Mk. 11:27-33). He defeated this by forthright questioning of His opponents. He told the parable of the wicked vinedressers; endangering His life in so doing (Mk. 12:12). He answered the question about Caesar and taxes (Mk. 12:13-17). He even demolished a trick question presented by the Sadducees (Mk. 12:18-27). He was challenged on the greatest commandment (M. 12:28-34). He then turned the tables and questioned them; they could not answer (Mk. 12:35-40).

Do you suppose the Lord knew He would be brutally beaten and murdered slowly in just three-day’s time? Me too. Yet, with this “care of life” ahead of Him, He remained focused on teaching truth and refuting error. Why? He loved the souls of men. He wanted the people to know the truth.

What about us? Do we allow relatively minor problems in life to distract us from our service to the Lord and fellow man? It is easy at times to dismiss opportunities to teach others because of what is ahead of us. Let us follow the example of our Lord and remain focused on honor our Father and helping others get to heaven.

— Steven F. Deaton