February 18, 2019

Truth Magazine Online Edition April 2012

Lectures Are Coming
Mike Willis

Why Send For Peter?
Connie W. Adams

Editorial Work on Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
Matt Bassford

Why I Attend All the Services
John Isaac Edwards

Question & Answer
Bobby Graham

Book Review
Christopher Reeves

The Public Invitation
Joe R. Price

Is Homosexulity Really a Sin?
Aaron Veyon

The Three "B's"
Olen Holderby

“Are You ‘A Church Of Christ’?”
Jarrod Jacobs

Forgiveness and Broken Trust
Anthony Genton

Mike Willis

True or False?
Johnie Edwards

Voices From the Past—the Stamp
Steven J. Wallace

Two Dogs
Greg Litmer

I think I Know A Solution
Lewis Willis

Unreasonable? Unfair? Not to Us!
Adam Litmer