December 16, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition February 2018


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by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Was Philippi a "Sponsoring Church"?
by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: Teaching Our Children: The Principle of the Language (Part II)
by Aleta Samford

DOCTRINE: The Sermon on the Mount: An Introduction
by David Flatt

FAMILY: Coming to Know God
by Mike Willis

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Will There Be Different Degrees of Punishment in Hell?
by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: The Cove of the Sower
by Barry Britnell

THEME: Precepts and Principles

Article 1: The Progressive Mindset: Instrumental Music
by Chris Reeves

Article 2: Artemus of Ephesus and Women Preachers
by Shane Carrington

Article 3: Becoming All Things to All Men
by Joe R. Price

Article 4: Quarterly Report
by Ryan Thomas

Article 5: Lessons from Ancient "Ai"
by Jarrod Jacobs