November 16, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition January 2015

THEME ARTICLESUnity: What It Is & Is Not
Phillip Stuckey

How Can We Have Unity?
Clay Gentry

When Unity Is Impossible
Seth McDonald

The Influence of Pluralism and Ecumenism on Unity
Ethan Longhenry

Avoiding the Extremes of Unity in Diversity and Binding Every Scruple
John Gentry

How Can Unity Be Achieved Among Those Not Currently Unified?
James Buchanan

Is There a Difference in Doctrine and Gospel?
David Halbrook

An Overview of Passages That Teach the Need for Unity
Bryan Garlock


Editorial: Unity in Christ, Not Unity in Diversity
Mike Willis

Meditations of the Heart: “Galilee” or “Judea”—Was Luke Mistaken?
Kyle Pope

Q&A: Is it Scriptural to Steal Sheep
Bobby Graham

Book Reviews
Chris Reeves


Terminally Ill Woman Takes Her Life
Kyle Campbell

A Broken Glass
Rufus Clifford III

The Beatitudes of Christ
Mark Mayberry

“If That Is What It Means To Be A Christian …”
William Beasley

Terry Sanders