November 15, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition June 2015


The Danger of Drifting as Individuals
John R. Gentry

Allowing the Media to Erode Christian Moral Values
Terry Francis

In Our Views on Fornication
Kurt Jones

In Our Attitudes Toward Sexual Sins
John R. Gentry

On the Exclusiveness of Christianity
Mitchell Stevens

On the Oneness of the Church
Joshua Gurtler

On the Boundaries of Fellowship
Phillip Stuckey

On Making Every Judgment a Test of Fellowship
Jeremy Paschall


“No Strings” Grace
Kyle Pope

Waste Not This Day in Worry
Sherelyn Mayberry

How Do They Know Where to Put the Dot on the Map
Trent Dutton

“Dis-ease” in the Creation
Ethan Longhenry

QnA: Does 1 Corinthians 2:9 Refer to Heaven?
Bobby L. Graham

Book Reviews
Chris Reeves


“Whoever Believes”: A Study of Faith Used Comprehensively in the NT
Chris Reeves

The Danger of Congregational Drift Into Unity in Diversity
Joe R. Price

Reflecting the Son
Nathan L. Morrison