November 15, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition May 2015


Special Issue on the Danger of Congregational Drifting
Joe R. Price

Away From Their Faithfulness to Christ
Jarrod Jacobs

Away From Bible Authority
Mark Mayberry

Away From Bible Preaching
Steve Wallace

Away From Bible Patterns
Steven J. Wallace

Away From Reverence in Worship
Kyle Campbell

Away From the Militant Gospel
Chris Reeves

Into Denominationalism
Stan Adams

Away From Practicing Bible Discipline
John Isaac Edwards

Away From the Simplicity That Is in Christ
Joe R. Price


Some Signs a Congregation May Be in Trouble
Rufus Clifford III

Adultery: The Sin of Sexual Selfishness
David Sims


Serving God While Single
Ethan Longhenry

The Pilate Inscription
Leon Mauldin

1 Samuel 13.1: The Age of King Saul
Daniel H. King Sr.

“Blessing” and “Giving Thanks” for the Lord’s Supper
Kyle Pope

Teaching Our Children: Exercising the Senses
Aleta Samford

QnA: Division Over Institutional Issues, Follow-Up
Bobby Graham