November 13, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition November 2015

2015_11_Nov_TruthMagazine_small THEME ARTICLES

Digression Is Real and Occurs in Stages
John Gentry

Stage 1: Neglecting God’s Word
Joshua Gurtler

Stages 2–4: Flirtation, Consideration, and Toleration of Error
Mitchell Stevens

Stage 5: Accommodation to Error
Steve Wallace

Stage 6: Aversion to Militant Preaching
Jesse Flowers

Stages 7–8: Cooperation and Contamination
Kurt Jones

Stages 9–10: Capitulation and Condemnation
David Dann

What Should We Do About Digression?
Phillip Stuckey

Six Steps Backward to Sin
Chris Reeves


Some Battles May Be Won or Lost in the Preacher’s Study
Daniel H. King Sr.

A City From David’s Time - and Kingdom?
- in the Valley of Elah

Luke Chandler

Question and Answer:
Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?

Bobby L. Graham

Christians Under 30:
Relational Unity

Ethan Longhenry

Is John 7:53–8:11 Inspired?
Kyle Pope

Women’s Section
Children’s Lessons From the Garden
The Master Gardener and the Harvest

Deborah Towles