January 18, 2019

Truth Magazine Online Edition September 2016

2016_09_Sep_Truth_Magazine_small THEME ARTICLES

In the Hour of Trial
Mark Mayberry

Confronting Crime
Mike Gentry

Letter from Prison: The Downward Path
Jared Coleman

Letter from Prison: Hitting Rock Bottom
Joe Warnock

Responding to the Spiritual Apostasy of a Loved One
Bruce Reeves

Overcoming Temptation, Doubts, and Loss of Faith
Michael Miozza


Civil Unrest
Mike Willis

Our Relationship with God and our Family
Kyle Pope

“Now I Know That You Are a Man of God”
Daniel H. King, Sr.

Children’s Lessons from the Garden: The Competition - Weeds
Deborah Towles

Q & A
Bobby L. Graham

That Woman Jezebel
Leon Mauldin

Babel and Knowledge
Ethan Longhenry


Parental Sex Ed
Matthew W. Bassford

Same-sex Marriage Recipe for Chaos
Dennis Abernathy

Nathan L. Morrison

It’s Time to Think about “Getting Along” Differently
Leland Ping

Why Are 2 Peter and Jude So Similar?
David Dann