January 19, 2019

Truth Magazine Online Edition September 2017


by Mark Mayberry

HOW THE BIBLE CAME TO US: “Each in Our Own Language”
by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Lessons from the Bread Basket
by Deborah Towles

DOCTRINE: Biblical Teaching: Restoration v. Unity: Historical Efforts at Proper Balance
by Daniel H. King, Sr.

FAMILY: The Lasting Value of a Godly Wife and Mother
by Jesse Flowers

Q&A: Why do many preachers judge others when Christ said not to judge in the Bible?
by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Do We Know the Location of Golgotha?
by Luke Chandler

THEME ARTICLES: Answering Religious Error

Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?
by John Isaac Edwards

Is Mechanical Instrumental Music Acceptable in Worship?
by David Eldridge

Is Jesus Coming Back to Establish an Earthly Kingdom?
by Johnie Edwards

Is One Church as Good as Another?
by Connie W. Adams

Is the Conscience a Sufficient Guide?
by Larry Ping

Is the Old Testament Still Binding?
by Chase Byers