November 24, 2017


Mike Willis

A few months ago, a lady from church came to me saying, "I have been studying with my husband on tongue speaking and instrumental music in worship. Do you have anything that I could give to him on that subject?" Such questions are not unusual for someone to ask. Normally, I would have gone home and searched through my sermon outlines and file cabinets, looking for appropriate tracts which I could have given to her. However, in the computer age, I decided to see what would happen if I tried something different.

I went to and did a Google search on our site looking for material on instrumental music in worship. Within seconds, I found more articles than I could use on the subject. I found that we had produced a special issue on instrumental music several years ago (I had forgotten). I downloaded and printed the entire special issue within 4-5 minutes. Then, I did the same thing on tongue speaking and had two or three articles on that subject ready to give this lady within a few minutes. I knew that archiving Truth Magazine would be valuable to brethren but that was my first time to really use it in a practical manner.

I thought about how useful this material would be to our Philippine brethren who might need some material on some particular subject. They might visit a computer cafe, surf the Web to find help on these subjects, and have printed copies in their hands long before they could write a brother in the U.S. and wait for a book to be shipped to them.

This useful tool is available to us through the labor and sacrifice of several good Christians. A few years ago, a Christian brother asked me about archiving Truth Magazine so that this material would be available to another generation. I had not thought about it; why did I need to do that? I had a full set of the bound volumes, but of course others did not. He provided the major portion of the funds (if not all of them) and we began work on the project. I do not mention his name because he prefers to be anonymous.

The primary work of scanning the documents in has been done by my daughter, Jennifer Mann. She scans the material in as a text document (rather than as an image), does a spell check on the material, and saves them as a text file. I mention this to say that these articles have not been proofread for errors, so there are some typos that occur in the articles. At that point, they are given to Donnie Rader who is our webmaster. He does whatever work has to be done to prepare them to post on the Web so they are made available to the general public.

Already we have scanned in bound volumes I-XXXIII and soon will have finished the task. We look forward to completing the task up to the present day and then keeping it current. We hope you will use it.

I have been thinking for several weeks that I needed to tell our readers about the availability of this material so that they too can access it. Our intention is to archive all of Truth Magazine, make it available on our Web site, and then prepare a CD ROM to those who might wish to purchase it at a bargain basement price.

I would to publicly express my appreciation for the work that Donnie Rader does in serving as Web Master for our web site. I honestly have no idea how much time this takes, but I am confident that he has put in many hours. The Web site usually contains material on various issues, especially current issues, which are available weeks before they can be printed in Truth Magazine. Like our magazine and unlike some other web sites, tries to publish responsible material on both sides of an issue in the spirit of fairness. That does not mean that we will post everything anyone sends, but that does mean that we make an effort to present responsibly written material on both sides of an issue.

Truth Magazine Vol. XLVII: 18 December, 2003