November 24, 2017

Turn Abouts Not Fair Play They Say

By Wm. E. Wallace

There is a good congregation in Virginia, which formerly was associated with the conservative instrumental wing of the Christian Church movement. While still a "Christian Church" this congregation was the object of teaching efforts from a nearby "church of Christ." Literature exposing the error of instrumental music in worship was sent to the members of the Christian Church. Personal contacts were made and evangelists representing the "Church of Christ" exerted pressure upon the Christian Church preacher. The Christian Church preacher and the majority in the congregation decided in favor of sound practice. Casting out the instrument they began to serve under the name of Christ, rejecting human innovations.

A number of years later churches of Christ found themselves beset with institutionalism and the "Herald of Truth" controversies. It was simple and natural for the former Christian Church group to see the error of these innovations inasmuch as they were similar to digression with which the group had been formerly associated. But the church, which had assisted in teaching the former Christian Church, endorsed the institutional and Herald of Truth innovations. The former Christian group sent literature exposing the errors of institutionalism and the Herald of Truth into the homes of the members of the faltering church of Christ. Personal contacts were made with them. Can you imagine the reaction among those who had helped to bring a "Christian Church" to the truth? Well, they were very indignant and perturbed. They condemned the brethren for doing exactly what they themselves had done before! They were willing to assist a digressive church to become a sound group, but were not willing for that group to assist them in maintaining soundness! The tables were turned and they did not like it.

We like to suggest that the other folks be open-minded, but it does not set well with us when the other folks ask us to be open-minded.

Truth Magazine VIII: 12, p. 7
September 1964