June 18, 2018

Volume 43 July 1, 1999 Contents

Title Author Page
Some Things No Man Knows Weldon E. Warnock front page
The Church: the Lord’s Candlestick Mike Willis 2
Editorial Left-overs Connie W. Adams 3
Faith Abuse Don Wright 5
Why Another School Shooting Jarrod Jacobs 6
Miraculous Versus Divine Healing Bobby Witherington 8
Which of the Following Are True? Kenneth E. Thomas 10
Your Sister Sodom Clarence R. Johnson 13
“Watch Out, He’ll Write You Up” Tom M. Roberts 16
Causes of Indifference Donnie V. Rader 19
Jesus and the New Testament Paul K. Williams 20
Zacchaeus, The Day After Larry Ray Hafley 22
Why Did Jesus Die? David Dann 23