June 19, 2018

Volume 43 November 18, 1999 Contents

Title Author Page
Restoring First Century Christianity Today Jonathan L. Perz front page
Is Faith Essential? Mike Willis 2
What Must I Do To Be Saved? Wilson Adams 3
God Isn’t Deaf Glen Young 5
Old Folks Jason E. Stringer 6
Bible Doors Johnie Edwards 7
Country Baptism Unknopwn 8
John 6 — Not the Lord’s Supper Paul K. Williams 9
What Happens When We Mythologize Part of Genesis? Mark Mayberry 10
“Leave Me Alone!” Walton Weaver 15
“My Preacher Says . . .” David McClister 20
Shiners”? James Hahn 21
How Much Evolution Is Too Much? Harry Osborne 22