August 19, 2018

Volume 43 September 2, 1999 Contents

Title Author Page
When A Child Dies . . . Dick Blackford front page
Lessons From the Widow’s Mite Mike Willis 2
Competent Elders Communicate Irvin Himmel 3
Preaching What We Practice Randy Yerby 5
The Four Gospels: New Testament or Old Testament? Paul K. Williams 6
Used To Be’s David A. Beck 7
Why Churches Do Not Have Elders John N. Evans 8
Soured Souls and Stolen Hearts Larry Ray Hafley 11
Lessons From Peter and Mary Olen Holderby 12
Science Falsely So Called Johnie Edwards 12
A Response to a Question About Kitchens in the Building Jarrod Jacobs 14
The Spirit’s Intercession Dennis C. Abernathy 16
Where Two or Three Are Vernon Love 21
Remembrances of James R. Cope Harry Osborne 22
Jerusalem Has Fallen Richie Thetford 24