August 18, 2018

Volume 46 #3 Feb. 7, 2002 Contents

Title Author Page
Some Lofty Concepts and Blessings Lewis Willis front page
Should We Apologize to the Christian Church? Mike Willis 2
Editorial Left-overs Connnie W. Adams 3
The Christian and Strong Drink Louis J. Sharp 6
All Denominations Are Created Equal J.S. Smith 7
Those Preaching Politicians Brian A. Yeager 9
The Train Just Rolls Away Martin Bragwell 10
Homosexuality, Divorce, and Fellowship Harry Osborne 12
A Letter of Comfort Larry Ray Hafley 15
The Plain Gospel Ron Halbrook 16
Five Exceptions Olen Holderby 17
The Great and First Commandment Jim Ward 18
The Doctrine of Christ and the Apostles Mark Mayberry 20
“I Don’t Want My Daughter To Dance” Jarrod Jacobs 22
Authentic Faith Sherrel A. Mercer 23