August 18, 2018

Volume 46 #8, April 18, 2002

Title Author Page
Has The New Testament Been Tampered With? David Dann front page
Love the Brotherhood Mike Willis 2
Teaching in the Philippines, Again Connie W. Adams 3
Where Have We Been — Where Are We Now — Where Are We Going (2) Bill Cavender 6
“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Dick Blackford 9
Applying Matthew 18:15-17 Stan Cox 10
Is the Lord Pleased When the Sunday Evening Worship Service
is Discontinued?
Don R. Hastings 14
Baptizing in the Twilight Zone! Raymond Harris 15
Overcoming the Fear of Terrorists Steve Kearney 17
I Have Lost My Friend Harold Fite 19
Why I Left the Pentecostal Church Mike cornwell 20
A Tribute to Roy S. Fudge J. Wiley Adams 23