February 18, 2019

Volume 46 November 21, 2002

Title Author Page
Why Do People Give Up? Abraham Smith front page
The Chronology of the Bible (4) Mike Willis 2
The Price of Principle Connie W. Adams 3
Is It Scriptural to Pray to Jesus? Donnie V. Rader 6
Yes, It is Scriptural to Pray to Jesus Weldon Warnock 7
Some Thoughts on Brother Warnock’s Article Donnie V. Rader 9
Consolidation — Cure or Curse? P.J. Casebolt 11
What Would Jesus Do Today? Phil T. Arnold 13
Graham Crusade vs. Original Gospel of Christ Ron Halbrook 16
A Daily Plea For Authority Aaron Erhardt 18
The Father’s House Olen Holderby 19
Fallible or Infallible? Johnie Edwards 20