July 16, 2018

Volume 46 September 19, 2002

Title Author Page
“A Tasty Little Snack” Bobby Witherington front page
The Chronology of the Bible (1) Mike Willis 2
Two New Versions of the Bible Marc W. Gibson 3
Drive Out, Destroy, Demolish Steve F. Deaton 5
Winning Attitudes Phillip A. Owens 7
Suggestions For Personal Evangelism Jarrod Jacobs 9
Two Resurrections? H. Osby Weaver 12
Finding a Wife Bobby L. Graham 14
Where We Have Been — Where Are We Now — Where Are We Going (12) Bill Cavender 16
Faith and the Gospel (2) Frank L. Smith 19
The Liberality of God Olen Holderby 21
I Don’t Mean to Gossip, But... Kevin Maxey 22