December 12, 2017

Westwood Village Church of Christ in Sherman, TX

Westwood Village Church of Christ in Sherman, TX

Street Address: 314 N. Tolbert Ave, Sherman, TX 75092

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Contact Name: Randall Smith

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Contact Phone: (903) 816-4461


Average Sunday Attendance: 30-40+

Does the congregation have elders? No

Does the congregation have deacons? No

How long has the congregation been established? 21+ years

How much financial support can the congregation provide? Partial

What teaching tools does the congregation use? None of the above

How many gospel meetings does the congregation have each year? 1

How many outside preachers does the congregation regularly support? 3–5

Date/Time: November 25, 2017 9:38 pm


Opportunities For Preachers On Social Security


There are several small congregations of the Lord’s Church who cannot afford to support a gospel preacher with a full salary, but they can afford to provide partial support for an evangelist to come and work with them.  Small groups of Christians need help, encouragement and support to help them grow in grace and knowledge of the truth just as do those Christians in larger congregations.


The Lord’s church in Sherman, Texas is looking for a gospel preacher to come and work full time with us.   We have about 40-45 in attendance, and we are presently helping to support 4 other gospel preachers.   With the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, we sent $4000 to help two families of Christians in the area.  We want to be of service to our Lord and to others.


This area is challenging, but opportunities are here.  We are the only congregation in the Grayson County (population 121,000) striving to follow the New Testament pattern.  In Sherman alone (population 39,000), there are 7 institutional churches.


We are looking for a gospel preacher that is grounded in the truth of the gospel.  Also, we would like to find a preacher who has some supplemental income or receiving Social Security benefits, and we can supplement that income.  This way, we can support a preacher to work in Sherman, and we can continue to support the other 4 preachers.  We have had this type of arrangement for the past 9 years.  Our current preacher, Jim Smelser, has to retire because of physical problems.


If you are interested in this work in Sherman, please contact

Randall Smith (903-816-4461) or George Gill (580-695-5000).