February 17, 2019

Where Did This Come From?

By Cecil Willis

Several hundred families of Truth Magazine readers have received the paper the last twelve months through
the generosity of a friend. Are you one of those who has wondered through whose interest the paper began to
come to you? Of course, we realize it might have been best to have told you with the first issue that the paper
would come to your home for one year because a friend of yours wanted you to have it. But this would have
entailed considerable additional work on an already overworked and understaffed office crew.

There are several reasons why you have received this paper free. First, it was felt by your friend that you
would read the paper, from it you would receive good. We trust that this has been true. Secondly, no one could
subscribe to a paper about which he knew nothing. So someone wanted you to know about the paper, with the
hope that eventually you would subscribe for yourself. Thirdly, the sender had the desire to help in the
publishing of the paper. The only permanent solution to the financial problems connected with publishing the
paper is substantially to increase the number of subscribers.

We would like to be able to send the paper without charge to every person whose address we could secure.
Too, we hate to lose a single reader. But unfortunately we cannot publish the paper without cost. It costs about
21 cents to publish each copy of each issue. For a year it costs $2.50. Someone has to pay this amount. During
the last year you have enjoyed (we hope!) the benefit of someone's $2.50. The sender did not begrudge sending
you the paper; else he would not have done so.

But these gift subscriptions are only being supplied to one family for one year. Perhaps your year is
complete, or almost so. From here on, you are on your own. We hope that you have appreciated receiving the
paper sufficiently that you do not want it to stop coming to your house. If so, send your $2.50 immediately,
and you will not miss a single issue. If you would like to do more, persuade a friend to send his subscription
with yours. Or, send a gift subscription for him. Both he and you will be glad you did.

Several hundred other people feel as you did about one year ago. They have begun receiving the paper free
as you did. We hope our new readers enjoy the articles presented. We wish it were possible to tell each one just
who sent him the paper, but that would be virtually an impossible task. Just read, profit and be grateful
someone thought of you.

Truth Magazine, V:4, p. 3
January 1961