July 18, 2019

Thank You For Giving Us The Opportunity

By Bill Pierce A couple who support us, wrote the above words to us in a letter. At first I marveled at such a fine attitude. Then, as I thought about it, I realized that this is the only attitude for a Christian to have. Why shouldn't Christians seek opportunity to spend their money to preach … [Read more...]

John Kennedy Or American Freedom

By Woodrow Plyler It has never been my desire nor intention to enter into the field of politics. However, circumstances sometimes will force a person to stray from his usual work and activities of life. In view of what happened at the late "Democratic" Convention I believe it to be time for … [Read more...]

“Is This Spiritual?”

By H. M. Phillips I fear that the question, "Is this Scriptural?" does not enter the minds of all who claim to be Christians only, and to be guided by the Word, as seriously as it should. It often appears that the deed is done or planned and then an effort is made to prove it Scriptural. Some … [Read more...]

The Marriage Approved Of God

By Bryan Vinson, Sr. That every marriage contracted between a man and woman is approved of God would scarcely be affirmed by anyone. If, then, all marriages are not divinely approved it should be of great concern and interest to learn which ones are, as distinguished from those which are not, … [Read more...]

The Blood Of Christ

By Clinton D. Hamilton Apart from the shedding of the Lord's blood there would be no remission of sins. Leave blood out of one's teaching and it would be an incomplete gospel, for the blood of Christ has special and important significance in the Testament system. God set forth Christ to be a … [Read more...]