April 24, 2019

A Review of The Gospel Plan of Salvation by T.W. Brents

By Kevin CampbellA good book for young and old preachers alike is T.W. Brents' The Gospel Plan of Salvation, published in 1874. The book is a very basic, simple, and yet comprehensive look at man's response to the gospel of Christ. Brents ex-plains the purpose of the book in the first paragraph by … [Read more...]

Dungan’s Hermeneutics Good Bible Study Habits For Young Preachers

By Chris ReevesHermeneutics, D.R. Dungan, $11.50 hardback, $9.50 paper.Solomon tells us that there are many books written by men, but the "words of the wise" are the important words that provide guidance for all mankind.' The "words of the wise" are God's words contained in the inspired Scriptures, … [Read more...]

Are You Putting Jesus First?

By Norman E. SewellPerhaps it's just that I'm getting older, but life truly seems to get busier every year. My children are grown and on their own so if my life is busy, then the lives of those with children at home and in school must really be chaotic. There is so much to do and so little time to … [Read more...]

Lessons From An American Hero

By Kenneth D. SitsDo you think there is an American alive who has not yet heard of our newest national hero? Of course, I am talking about the small framed, 18 year-old Olympic gymnast named Kerri Strug. Her name has been "vaulted" to Olympic immortality with her gutsy performance in the women's … [Read more...]

The Implications of Esther

By Steven Brownfield At first glance, Esther appears to be a thoroughly secular work, unconcerned with spiritual things. It tells the intriguing story of how the exiled Jews avoided annihilation through the courage and tact of the Persian queen, who was herself secretly a Jew. In ages past, many of … [Read more...]

He Came By Night

By J.L. McKinleyFor centuries the character of Nicodemus has endured much criticism. He's been referred to as a coward because he chose to come to the Lord at night. I believe this is an unfair assessment of the situation. Nicodemus may have had reasonable motives for his visit with the Lord under … [Read more...]

Some Benefits of Suffering

By Bob J. WaltonThere is no problem in life more universal, more common, and more unique than that of suffering. It is the common malady of mankind; if we live long enough, we will experience some type or degree of suffering.It is not my purpose in this article to discuss the source or origin of … [Read more...]

Let The Church Be The Church

By Dick BlackfordNo fireworks! No Elvis impersonators! No antique car shows! No gimmicks!All of these have been sponsored by churches in our area, but the church of Christ at 516 Rocky Point Road just wants to be a church after the New Testament order. All we offer is the gospel, without addition or … [Read more...]

Fifty Happy Years for O.C. and Frances Birdwell

By Johnny and Nanette StringerOn October 19, 1946, a teenaged couple were united in marriage at the Limestone County Courthouse, Athens, Alabama. O.C. and Frances had kept their intentions secret from all family members except O.C.'s brother Phares and Frances' sister Connie, who were the only … [Read more...]

Some Brethren Agree with Jimmy Swaggart

By Bill CrewsOne morning in April of this year I listened to an interesting radio program. It was on one of the stations with an all-religious format. It was also a regular daily broad-cast by Jimmy Swaggart. A panel of three, Jimmy Swaggart, his wife, and one of Mr. Swaggart's staff ministers, were … [Read more...]