September 22, 2019

Does Error Honestly Taught Become Truth?

By Dorris V. RaderTwo neatly dressed young men came calling at my door a few days ago. They were very polite and courteous. After giving their names, they quickly commented about a sticker near the door that gave warning to any would-be burglars. They inquired if I had considered why we have need … [Read more...]

Ichabod in the Pulpit?

By Mike VestalThe name "Ichabod" means "without glory" or "the glory has departed" (1 Sam. 4:20-21). How we should all pray that Ichabod never enters the pulpit! After all, preaching Jesus Christ necessitates proclaiming a message that glorifies and exalts him as Lord, and that remembers what he has … [Read more...]

“Does Man Have to Sin?”

By Leslie E. SloanSin is the universal problem of man. Ever since the transgression in the Garden of Eden, all men (with one exception) have become guilty before God through sin (Rom. 3:23; 1 John 1:8-10). And just like Satan's deception through human reasoning then, men are induced to accept his … [Read more...]

That Vulgar “B” Word

By John WallaceCall it a fetus, an embryo, a blob of tissue or a product of conception, but don't use the profane 'B" word. It's the worst vulgarity, almost as bad as saying marriage, family, or husband. It must be eradicated from our dictionaries and its users' mouths washed with abortionists' … [Read more...]

The Family Dinner Table

By Connie W. AdamsThroughout the Bible the word "table" has been used both literally and figuratively. When God gave instruction about the tabernacle, he ordered a table of shewbread (Exod. 25:23). The Psalmist described the bounty of God's provision in that "thou preparest a table before me in the … [Read more...]