April 24, 2019

God Gives Us Every Good Gift

By Mike WillisThe adversities of life that come to us sometimes tempt us to think that God is the source of the evils. As some men suffer, they may blame God, just as Job did when he wrote,But now he hath made me weary: thou Nast made desolate all my company. And thou Nast filled me with wrinkles, … [Read more...]

The Origin of Christmas

By Larry Ray Hafley"Christmas originated in pagan rites, laced with astrological superstition; and . . . its recent associations with the divine event at Bethlehem are wholly arbitrary."It's true enough. Before there was Christmas, our remotest ancestors ... pranced about and painted themselves blue … [Read more...]

Quarreling Brethren: Discouragement to a Young Preacher

By Keith M. GreerOver the past five years I have listened to, read about and observed a growing problem among brethren. In many of the papers and periodicals published by brethren, we seem to be in a "death struggle" over a serious Bible teaching concerning the proper exegesis of Romans 14.But if … [Read more...]

Grace and Gray Areas

By Joe R. PriceCharles Swindoll wants to expose what he calls "grace killers." He says the "grace killer" acts in ways which destroy grace. According to Swindoll, if you want to be a grace killer, do this:... leave no room for any gray areas. Everything is either black or white, right or wrong. And … [Read more...]

False Teachers

By Mark MayberryFalse teachers and false teachings abound! Jesus said, "Beware of false prophets" (Matt. 7:15-20). Paul cautioned the Ephesian elders to be on guard against the same (Acts 20:28-31). Peter warned of those who secretly bring in destructive heresies (2 Pet. 2:1-2). John said, "Beloved, … [Read more...]

One Covenant Why be Concerned?

By Frank JamersonIf we do not have a pattern for worship in the New Covenant, how do we know when or how to worship? According to this gentleman the example of those disciples in Troas is not a pattern for us (they were not even a church), nor could they have had a pattern for observing the Lord's … [Read more...]

Throwing the Book at You

By Mrs. D. GibsonRecently we received this flier in the mail from the First Baptist Church of Byron.Will You Come Back to Church If We PromiseNot to Throw the Book at You?Under the caption it reads, "In our church we believe in a loving and forgiving God. Come and join us this Sunday when we open up … [Read more...]

Is Assembling Individual or Collective?

By Eric NorfordThe above question is an interesting one to ponder. It would receive various responses from people in denominationalism and even from members in the body of Christ. Our assembling refers to worship of God. At the same time worship to God is an individual matter. Each individual is to … [Read more...]

Soft Pulpits And Dusty Bibles

By Dickey HowardDuring the 50s the Lord's church divided over institutionalism, and there was a clear line drawn between truth and error. Many of God's people stood for the truth, and continue not to support institutionalism, but one battle does not win the war. "Be sober, be vigilant; because your … [Read more...]

Giving Christ a Face Lift

By Lowell Blasingame"In The News," a column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, (9/30/97), reported that Brazil's leading religious artist, Claudia Pastro, had accepted the Vatican's invitation to give Christ a "face lift" for the third millennium and that he plans to design an "evangelizing, dynamic … [Read more...]