September 22, 2019

The Judgment

By Johnie EdwardsThe advocates of the A.D. 70 doctrine do not teach what the Bible teaches about the judgment. Let’s take a look at some biblical teaching concerning the judgment:1. All Will Be At the Judgment. The judgment scene says, “And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall … [Read more...]

Should God Have Drowned Noah?

By Irvin HimmelWe live in an age when results are demanded. Pressure is applied, ultimatums are delivered, rigid quotas are set, and goals must be met.For example, certain sales people are under enormous pressure to reach specified quotas or else. Some resort to unfair tactics, dishonest schemes, … [Read more...]

Converted to Christ! (Why I Left Denominationalism)

By Jimmy ShortBy request, I am writing to explain why I left a denominational church to become a member of the church of Christ. My hope is that this will not only be encouraging to those who are members of the body of Christ but will also be a useful tool in guiding the lost to the truth in God’s … [Read more...]

Shooting the Wounded, or Discharging the Deserters?

By Steve KleinI’ve heard the following quote, or similar words, several times in recent years — “The church of Christ is the only army I know of that shoots its wounded.” Such a statement is neither accurate nor helpful. It attempts to lay guilt at the feet of the church which should be born by … [Read more...]

Raising Moral Children in an Immoral World

By Wayne S. WalkerThrough the years, most of us who preach have undoubtedly presented many lessons, which a lot of brethren have surely heard, on the threat of secular humanism or at least on worldliness and immorality in general. We certainly need to understand how these godless influences have … [Read more...]