May 23, 2019

“More Than the Pulpit”

By Olen HolderbyIn the October 1971 issue of Plain Talk brother Dan Shipley had a splendid article under the above title. His article is dealing with how well we are carrying out the instructions of the Great Commission (or failing to do so). That was 28 years ago, but the points which he made are … [Read more...]

“Two Are Better Than One”

By Daniel H. KingThe word of the Lord recognizes how much we need each other. The church was purposed in the mind of God before time because the All-wise saw the need for it in human relationships. Loneliness can be a terrible and destructive thing. Other human contact, especially if it is with … [Read more...]

Must Baptism Be Only “In the Name of Jesus”?

By Bobby GrahamThe Spirit of truth would remind the apostles of Jesus’ teaching and give them additional truth — all truth. If Jesus’ teaching before his ascension would not be operating in the church, why did he provide for their be- ing reminded of it and place it on such a par with the rest of … [Read more...]

There’s A Beautiful Garden

By Ira MikellThere’s a beautiful garden in Heaven, A garden no mortal has seen; In the midst grows the sweet rose of Sharon That is shining thru eternity.There’s a beautiful garden in Heaven, Where the life-giving stream ever flows, Pouring boundless and free from Mount Zion, More precious than … [Read more...]

“I Rejoiced Greatly . . . I Have No Greater Joy”

By Jarrod JacobsOne of the most stirring statements in the Bible is found in John’s third epistle as he wrote of the joy he had when he heard of Gaius and his faithfulness to God. John knew he was not long for this earth. Therefore, it encouraged him to know of others who would be left that stood … [Read more...]

Christianity and the Incurable Disease

By Thomas KeeseThe earliest signs of trouble seemed nothing very much out of the ordinary. Whenever I bent my neck down I felt a tingling sensation in my right arm and both legs. Originally, I felt little concern about it. However, it persisted and other problems started to appear. After several … [Read more...]


By Matt Allen Change. This has been the beacon call of numerous social agendas throughout the years. Get rid of the old hard line thoughts/ideals and bring in a more non- judgmental and tolerant atmosphere. Rational thought and reason behind one’s actions is tossed out and his decisions and … [Read more...]

Timely Lessons From An Untimely Death

By Johnie EdwardsAdam Christopher Lanphear was killed in an automo- bile accident on Sunday evening, September 19, 1999 as he was returning from his home in Bowling Green, Ken- tucky to Bloomington, Indiana where he was a student at Indiana University. Adam had been worshiping with the Ellettsville, … [Read more...]

The Work of Elders

By Archie E. ProctorThe term “elder” in the New Testament, is used in two senses: first, to designate an older man as compared to a younger (Rom. 9:12; Luke 1:18). Second, to designate men who are appointed to a position of authority in a local congregation of the Lord’s church (Acts 20:17, 28). It … [Read more...]

Teachings From Taberah

By Mike WillisAnd when the people complained, it displeased the Lord: and the Lord heard it; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the Lord burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp.  And the people cried unto Moses; and when Moses prayed unto the Lord, … [Read more...]