September 22, 2019

An Invitation

By Dick BlackfordOne night I dreamed I died and went to heaven. I heard songs, and was asked to join the huge group that was singing. There were 1000 sopranos, 1000 altos, 1000 tenors, and one bass — me. We reached a crescendo, which called for as much volume as we could muster. Right in the middle … [Read more...]

Bible Genealogies

By David DannThe New Testament opens in the book of Matthew by introducing, “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ” (Matt. 1:1). Matthew’s opening statement is followed by a lengthy list of names, that establishes a direct family line from the patriarch Abraham to Jesus Christ. Anyone who has … [Read more...]

Exposing the Teacher But Not the Error?

By Joshua GurtlerA young preacher in the south preaches a sermon on a common error taught by brethren today. Following the sermon, he is pulled aside by an older member of the church and instructed, “It’s OK to expose one’s error as long as you don’t mention his name.” When the evangelist pointed … [Read more...]

A Moment in History

By Eric KeiperIn 1831, a remarkable event occurred in two cities in the state of Kentucky. Alexander Campbell’s “Disciples” were meeting with Barton Stone’s “Christians.” The purpose of their meeting was to bring the two separate restoration movements together as one. On Christmas weekend of 1831, … [Read more...]

Applying Principles We Learn From the Plagues

By Donnie V. RaderThe story of Moses and his spokesman Aaron going before Pharaoh with the demand of God to let his people go is rich with principles that drive home practical lessons.The texts we are considering are Exodus 7-10. Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh and demand the release of the … [Read more...]