May 23, 2019

Husbands Pleasing to God

By Tommy L. McClureThis article is not about husbands who are pleasing to their wives, her parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts. Nor does it concern husbands pleasing to sociologists, psychiatrists, family counselors, preachers, the President, Congress, the Senate, Supreme Court, or anyone … [Read more...]

The Universal Direct Mail or Windshield Flyer!

By Steve RuddThe only rule of evangelism: “Anything you do will bring results, with proper follow-up.” In the past I have tried everything from putting flyers on windshields of cars in malls, to telecomputer auto telephone dialers that play pre-recorded scripts at supper hour. Everything works! Some … [Read more...]

Voices in Religion

By Olen HolderbyThe reader is ask at this point to stop and read the first nine verses of Genesis chapter eleven. If you have now done that, you will realize the confusion that must have been present when the Lord confounded their language. Imagine going to work one morning and not being able to … [Read more...]

Learning from Elijah (1)

By Connie W. AdamsIt was with the suddenness of a flash of lightning and the sternness of a sharp clap of thunder that the prophet Elijah described only as “the Tishbite of the inhabitants of Gilead” appeared before king Ahab of Israel and said: “As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I … [Read more...]

Saul, The Self-Acclaimed Fool

By Walton WeaverThe word “fool” appears 56 times in the King James Version of the Bible. Of these, 48 of them are in the Old Testament and eight in the New Testament. Most of the Old Testament references are in the wisdom books of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, but primarily in the book of … [Read more...]

How About A Facial?

By Larry Ray HafleyHumans have six basic facial expressions to show fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, and happiness. Though there is no specific facial expression for love, everyone knows it when he sees it! The successful person is the one who can smile when he would rather express disgust … [Read more...]

Forsaking Assemblies: Some UN-derlying Problems

By Jonathan L. PerzMedical doctors know that there are some diseases that cannot be healed by treating their symptoms. Likewise, there are some spiritual maladies that cannot be overcome by merely treating symptoms. Forsaking the assembling of the saints is one such malady.Without a doubt, forsaking … [Read more...]

Identifying the Lord’s Church

By Mike WillisA previous article (March 15, 2001) emphasized that one who is saved are added to the Lord’s church and obligated to join himself to other saints in a local church for collective worship and service to God. This poses the need for a person to find a group of saints with whom to labor … [Read more...]

Armed in Christ to Stand

By Donnie V. RaderWhen one becomes a member of the church, he is then a part of the Lord’s army. He is a soldier; a Christian soldier. No, not a soldier in a carnal battle, but one who can “stand against the wiles of the devil” (Eph. 6:11). It is a spiritual warfare. The apostle continues, “For we … [Read more...]

Backbone or Wishbone?

By Greg GrovesHow many times have you wished the world were different? Fellow Christians have expressed that view to me. They want God back in schools and the guns and drugs out of them. They want our leaders to be God-fearing people with morals. They want the world to learn the truth of God’s word … [Read more...]