May 21, 2019

Interesting Notes About Churches

From the Tarheel StateThe church of Christ meeting on Ridgeway Road near Leaksville, North Carolina, had its beginning as a Christian Church in 1947. But the members soon learned the truth about the Lord's church. They put instrumental music out of their worship and rejected societies doing the work … [Read more...]

Marriage in the Eyes of God

By Thomas IcardMany questions have been asked, many tracts and books have been written about this subject. I am simply trying to present what the Bible says about it. I believe the scripture that Paul wrote to Timothy and said, "Every scripture inspired of God is also profitable for teaching, for … [Read more...]

Old and New

By Judson WoodbridgeOld Covenant --Heb. 8:13; Ex. 34:28; I Kgs. 8: 9, 21-- New Covenant.Old Testament -- Heb. 9: 15 -- New Testament.First Testament -- Heb. 10: 9 -- Second Testament--Heb. 8: 7.Moses Gave Old-- Heb. 10:28 -- Christ Gave New.Blood of Animals-- Heb. 10:4--Blood of Christ--Heb. … [Read more...]

A Necessary Realization

By C. D. PlumPerhaps I should of this article in the have given the subject plural, for really, such it is. Necessary realizations is actually what is taught here.Often we hear people say, "What is the matter with the world? " And others who realize how bad things are, say, "What can be done about … [Read more...]

Pilate Middle of the Roader

By Luther BlackmonThe weak and vacillating Pilate is about to become famous but in an unexpected manner. He is about to become an unwilling actor in the greatest drama the world has ever beheld. If someone had told him that he would be remembered only because of the greatness of the man who stands … [Read more...]

A Three-Minute Sermon on Grace

By Wm. E. WallaceA major source of tension with denominational people is seen in the subject "salvation by grace." Salvation by grace is certainly a prominent chain of Bible thought, and the subject constantly and continually brings dispute, debate and argumentation. Why should there be so much … [Read more...]

Redeeming the Time

By Thomas C. MickeyWe are living in an age when, it seems, that but few even of the members of the Lord's church are cognizant of the importance of our "redeeming the time." I would to God that something could be said or done that would cause Christians to awake to this need. The burden of current … [Read more...]

Origin of the Issues

By David LawrenceIt becomes apparent when we discuss religion with one who differs with us that we must have common agreement in one area before proceeding to the next. For instance, it is necessary that we concur on the existence of God before we can discuss the divinity of his Son. We must then … [Read more...]

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

By Lewis WillisI know of no subject that is more misunderstood or is less studied than that of the Holy Spirit. We are taught in the scripture that "secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever." (Deut. 29:29.) There are … [Read more...]

What Is Expected of a Preacher?

By Donald P. AmesIt seems that as of late, there has developed a great deal of interest in just exactly what is expected of the local evangelist. Several have expressed their views, objecting to a lot of things that are presently being shoved off on the preacher that are not in reality his … [Read more...]