Old and New

By Judson Woodbridge Old Covenant –Heb. 8:13; Ex. 34:28; I Kgs. 8: 9, 21– New Covenant.Old Testament — Heb. 9: 15 — New Testament.First Testament — Heb. 10: 9 — Second Testament–Heb. 8: 7.Moses Gave Old– Heb. 10:28 — Christ Gave New.Blood of Animals– Heb. 10:4–Blood of Christ–Heb. 9:14.For Jews Only — Deut. 5.1-15; Ex. 31:16, […]

Redeeming the Time

By Thomas C. Mickey We are living in an age when, it seems, that but few even of the members of the Lord’s church are cognizant of the importance of our “redeeming the time.” I would to God that something could be said or done that would cause Christians to awake to this need. The burden […]