March 23, 2019


By Cecil WillisEvery observant person must admit that there has been a general deterioration of moral standards on the part of persons both inside and outside the church. That which was formerly universally opposed by persons of moral excellence is now openly advocated. Moral standards are now quite … [Read more...]

Missionary and Benevolent Institutions

By Cecil WillisReligiously related human institutions are run by ambitious men, hence, they constantly have an expansion drive on, necessitating the begging of more and more money. Too, they are forever expanding the function of the institutions so they may "serve the church" in ever new fields.The … [Read more...]

Along the Far Western U.S.-Mexico Border

By Charles HouseBaptismsTotal baptisms to date along the border, 10; Identifications at San Luis, to date, 10; Restored from the world and the liberal church, 3.ConstructionBaptistery, 2 dressing rooms, toilets and classroom still under construction. Roof now on, and window and doorframes are now … [Read more...]

“And it was so”

By James E. CooperThe words that serve as the title of this article appear several times in the first chapter of Genesis. They emphasize the f a c t that God spoke the worlds into existence, and what God spoke "was so."The first verse in the Bible asserts "In the beginning God created the heavens … [Read more...]

The World’s Fair Project of the Churches of Christ

By Robert H. BuntingIn commenting on the "exhibit of churches of Christ" at the World's Fair, brother Warren Lewis calls it "one of the most indicatively superior, collective activities of Christ's churches in modern times . . ." (North Atlantic Christian, August, 1964). The booklet, "The World's … [Read more...]

The Christian and His Wealth

By Lacy PorterTo find oneself in possession of great riches involves a tremendous responsibility. The proper use thereof determines whether we are pleasing in the sight of the Lord. Today, when we think of riches, we think of silver, gold, oil fields, and things of like nature. Treasure, or wealth, … [Read more...]

Lessons From the Disciples of Christ

By Connie W. AdamsIn the fall of 1963 the International Convention of the Disciples of Christ convened at Miami Beach. The opening speech was m a d e by Robert Burns of Atlanta, Georgia, then President of the International Convention. Having pointed out several features which he said encouraged him, … [Read more...]

Modernism in Indianapolis

By Wm. E. WallaceThere is a phase of modernism, or maybe it's a kind or type, which is manifested in softness toward religious error. Distinguishing characteristics of old time gospel preachers, who carried to our generation the New Testament church included militancy and diligence against the … [Read more...]

A Continued took at the Issues

By Elvis BozarthIn the June 1965 issue of Truth Magazine, Brethren Dudley Ross Spears and William E. Wallace urged us to "take a second look at 'the issues' and perhaps return to the fight over the real issues that are still before t h e church." The "real is- sues" are defined by them as the … [Read more...]


By Wm. E. WallaceIn this issue we carry articles by Elvis Bozarth and A. C. Grider. They write in response to articles by Dudley Ross Spears and me which appeared in the June issue. Bozarth and Grider are good and soundmen and we are glad to carry their response. I count them both as dear friends.I … [Read more...]