April 25, 2019

Sitting Under an Oak

Joe R. Price Anyone who has worked on a hot summer’s day knows the value of an oak tree. The refreshment of its cool, shady respite invites all who have labored in the heat of the day. An escape from smothering heat, its towering branches provide calm relief from the sun’s intensity. Slumber … [Read more...]

God Still Rules in Times of National Tragedy

Ron Halbrook My article entitled “God Still Rules in Times of National Tragedy” appeared in the December 6, 2001 Truth Magazine. The first paragraph included the following statistics: Five to six thousand people were slaughtered on September 11, 2001 when Muslim terrorists hijacked four jet … [Read more...]

Environmentally Friendly Churches?

Jesse Flowers One of the latest society fads that is growing in both public pressure and popularity is “saving the environment.” The “global warming” message of doom and gloom has been gathering much momentum in recent months. Hollywood has gone “green.” Washington (politicians) has gone … [Read more...]

The Bible is All You Need

Heath Rogers We know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it is relevant to our lives today. Now we will consider the all-sufficiency of the Bible. “Sufficient” means “as much as is needed or required, enough.” Is the Bible enough, or do we need something in addition to it to … [Read more...]

Singing With Understanding: “Our God, He Is Alive”

David Maravilla “Our God, He Is Alive” is a familiar hymn to people in churches of Christ. It was written in 1966 by Aaron Wesley Dicus (1888-1978), a man whose life was filled with noteworthy achievements. While biographical information about Dicus is available from many sources, information … [Read more...]

North Park church of Christ Shutting Doors

After more than 65 years, the North Park church of Christ in Abilene, TX is shutting its doors. The church has met at its present location since around 1949, having existed even prior to that, with O.B. Proctor as the local evangelist. The current building was built to seat 400 and had attendance … [Read more...]

Lemur-Like Fossil, “Ida,” Says Nothing About Alleged Human Evolution

by Joshua Gurtler The popular press has been raving about the fossilized primate skeleton nick-named “Ida.” She has been hailed as the “eighth wonder of the world” and is supposedly evolution’s “missing link” between humans and what are considered “early” primates. A quick review of the … [Read more...]

Robert Jackson (1925 – 2009)

by Connie W. Adams Robert Jackson, 84, of Nashville, Tennessee, changed worlds on May 5, 2009. He preached the gospel for fifty-nine years. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he returned to Charlotte, Tennessee where he served as Postmaster. He was a member of the Methodist Church. He … [Read more...]

Nathan Ing Taken to Paradise

Dear brethren and friends, Nathan Ing left this earth life and was taken to Paradise by the angels to be comforted by God at 3:30 PM today (June 16). He died at home surrounded by Paul, Missy, and Marissa and other family members. The cancer he has battled for 2 and ½ years can no longer harm … [Read more...]

Nathan Ing Update

Dear brethren & friends, You can read Missy Ing's latest update on Nathan below. Notes of encouragement can be sent via email to paul.ingblue@yahoo.com and cards can be sent to Paul, Missy, Marissa, & Nathan P.O. Box 854 Shepherdsville, KY 40165 In Christian Love, Ron … [Read more...]