September 22, 2019

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By Dennis Abernathy Many have the idea that it makes no real difference what someone believes just as long as they are honest and sincere in their belief. They think the only thing that matters is just to live up to whatever you believe. Isn’t it strange that many say that about religious … [Read more...]

Lord, Increase Our Faith

Lord, Increase Our Faith By Mark Mayberry Introduction In Luke 17:1-11, Jesus offers very challenging instruction. He warns of the danger of becoming a stumbling-block and the need for personal forgiveness. He speaks of the power of prayer and the proper perspective of a servant. When Pushed … [Read more...]

The Broad Way or Narrow Way—Which Is Best?

The Broad Way or Narrow Way—Which Is Best? By Dennis Abernathy Jesus speaks of the narrow and broad way in Matthew 7: 13-14. One is traveled by the few and the other is widely-traveled. One way leads to life and the other to destruction. The narrow way is the way of intolerance, discipline, … [Read more...]

My People

By Mark Mayberry Introduction The expression, "my people," occurs 230 times in 217 verses in the NASB. It reflects a closeness, a familiarity, a family relationship. Such blessings are found in both the physical and spiritual realms. Special Relationship As the people of God, we share a special … [Read more...]