March 23, 2019

December 1, 2007 Contents

Title Author Page
Old Light on New Worship Mike Willis 2
Child Abuse Connie W. Adams 4
Homosexuality’s Push Steven Deaton 6
“Joy to the World” and the Kingdom David Maravilla 7
The Worship of the Church: The Lord’s Supper Frank Ritchey 8
Toward a Deeper Devotion to God: The Greatest Devotional Aid Gary Henry 13
The Lord’s Work on the Isle of Jamaica Kenneth D. Sils 14
Footnotes Steve Wolfgang 16
Corporate Churches Stan Adams 18
The High Cost of Cheap Workbooks Andy Alexander 20
Evolution: A Theory in Disaster Donald P. Ames 21
Question and Answer Bobby L. Graham 22
From the Lighter Side Dan King 24
How Often Do I Have to Assemble? Keith N. Welch 25
Did the Troas Church Provide a Pizza Party Fellowship Meal? Ron Halbrook 26
Book Marks Chris Reeves 29
Children’s Page: Ezra Donna Halbrook 30