February 22, 2019

Editorial – “Kentucky Special”

By Cecil Willis

In December 1962, we published an "Indiana Special" issue of TRUTH MAGAZINE, which was very well received. This issue is a "Kentucky Special." Men now working in Kentucky write all these articles.

The gospel w a s preached very early in Kentucky. The work of the memorable Barton W. Stone and his cohorts resulted in the establishment of churches in Kentucky in the first decade of the 19th century. The Cane Ridge meetinghouse near Paris, Kentucky, which appears on the cover of this issue, housed one of the earliest churches of Christ in America. The grave-marker of Brother William Rogers in the cemetery at the Cane Ridge meetinghouse reads, " united with the Church of Christ at Caneridge in 1807." This was two years before Alexander Campbell even came to America. Yet some unlearned sectarians still assert that Alexander Campbell started the church of Christ.

While churches in Kentucky have had their moments of glory, they also have been beset with many problems. The digression of last century destroyed most of the work of early reformers in Kentucky. Faithful brethren nearly had to start over again. The premillennial speculation affected churches in Kentucky more adversely than in any other state. The modernism of James Arthur Warren and others in the 1940's disturbed some churches. The modern day digression has also taken its heavy and tragic toll in Kentucky.

One would think churches could not have flourished with so many disturbances. But they did! There are now many faithful churches, brethren and preachers in Kentucky. In the Louisville area alone, there are seventeen good sound churches, more than the liberal and premillennial churches combined.

Hundreds of Kentucky brethren who do not subscribe to TRUTH MAGAZINE are getting this special issue. Our purpose in sending it to you, of course, is to acquaint you with the paper and to encourage you to subscribe. For $3.00 a year, you can receive a monthly issue of TRUTH MAGAZINE, all of which will be filled with articles of the same high caliber as these written by this fine array of Kentucky brethren. Send in your subscription without delay. Surely such reading material will do you good.

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Truth Magazine, VIII: 2, p. 1a
November 1963