Jesus The Controversial Bread of Life

We hope all is well with you this week.

We are getting excited about the upcoming release of the new
Sumphonia hymnal. We will be announcing details in the coming
weeks. For now, you can go to for some
information. Suffice it to say here, this is a monumental work that
will benefit brethren and aid their worship for decades to come.


Article: There Was A Division

Discusses the controversial nature of Jesus & His teaching.

See it here:


Author Interview – Greg Litmer

Workbook Series: Jesus – The Bread of Life

My favorite segment is in the third video when Greg mentions what
impressed him about Christ as he studied through this material.


New Feature*

Weekly Passage

"A wholesome tongue is a tree of life,
But perverseness in it breaks the spirit"
– Proverbs 15:4


Voices From The Past
– Selected by Thomas Keese

In October 1958, Cecil Willis wanted to highlight by reprinting in
the pages of Truth Magazine, an article which had been pinned In
1869. The author of this article, David Lipscomb, is defending the
stance the Gospel Advocate had taken in regards to the discussion
of controversial subjects in its pages. Some readers had charged
they could not use the Gospel Advocate as a teaching tool with new
converts because it contained these controversies.

Go to the article here:


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Newsletter Published April 24, 2012