October 16, 2019

June 15, 2006 Contents

Title Author Page
Advice For Graduates Heath Rogers front page
The Burial of Jesus Mike Willis 2
The Truth Is Still the Truth T. Sean Sullivan 3
Satan Works Overtime Jarrod Jacobs 5
Qualifications of the Apostles of Christ Joe R. Price 6
The Fourfold Witness of Christ David Dann 9
Our Life in the Face of Death Kyle Pope 10
The Danger of Drifting Richie Thetford 12
The Spirit of Christ Dave Morrison 15
Parable—The Two Builders Alan Piner 16
Now, Here’s a Real Problem For Some Folks! Lewis Willis 19
A Question Concerning the Gadarene Demoniacs . . . Craig Meyer 20
The Tragic Death of Uriah the Hittite Marc W. Gibson 22
New Study Finds the Bible Way is Best Larry Ray Hafley 24