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May 04, 2006 Contents

Title Author Page
The Night Paul and Silas Sang Dick Blackford front page
The Abortion Debate MikeWillis 2
Calamity or Negative Blessing William V. Beasley 3
A Good Disciple Kyle Campbell 4
The Empty Coffee Pot Donald Willis 5
Some Thoughts on Gospel Meetings Heath Rogers 6
Punctuality and Your Spiritual Focus Michael Gibson 10
Baptist Church Opens Subway Restaurant David Dann 12
“Grounds For Success” Larry Ray Hafley 13
What Is Required For Eternal Life? John Isaac Edwards 14
The Original Church of Christ: Then and Now Ron Halbrook 16
Wonderful and Shameful Rufus R. Clifford III 19
What the Lord Requires Marc W. Gibson 20
Rebaptism Jay Horsley 22