October 16, 2019

May 18, 2006 Contents

Title Author Page
Jesus Walked on Ice? Larry Ray Hafley 2
Troubled Over Immorality Connie Adams 3
Out of the Heart Steven F. Deaton 5
Good Sermons, Wrong Audience William C. Sexton 6
“Coming and Going” Christians Lewis Willis 7
Samson, An Alternative View Kyle Pope 8
“Lord, Is It I?” Mark Mayberry 11
How the World Began Sarah Brooks 12
“All Things . . .” Work Together For Good Billy Moore 15
The Social Gospel: A Disaster in Churches of Christ W.R. Jones 16
“Life is Too Short . . .” Jarrod Jacobs 18
He Lied and Spoke of Great Love Jay Horsley 20
A Last Will and Testament Dave Morrison 21
Insurmountable Problems For the Theory of Evolution Don R. Hastings 23
Flirting With Denominationalism Johnie Edwards 24