April 25, 2019

Negroes and Nigeria

By William Wallace

Folks are truly concerned about the racial problems in America, but I am more concerned right now with getting the gospel to the Negro race in the African country of Nigeria.

Some sound brethren have started some sound churches over there in that African nation -- and some preachers are o v e r there right now, and their hands are full! James W. Sasser plans to go to Nigeria this summer to relieve a man and to begin a two-year work. Jim Sasser is mature, experienced, and sound. He is well equipped to convert Nigerians and to teach them to withstand the encroachments of modern error.

Brother Sasser needs some help. He has enough transportation funds for the trip across and the return. But he hasn't enough to live on while there!

At this writing he has only $175.00 promised in monthly support -- not enough to live on -- got to have $325.00 more. Churches have responded in a fine way to provide traveling funds. Good! But now brother Sasser must obtain pledges for his monthly support. The church where I labor is helping some -- how about the church where you labor or attend?

Brethren, let's help this Nigerian "restoration movement." What a shame it will be if summer arrives and James W. Sasser can't go because he hasn't the monthly support necessary. Hope you will help. Contact brother Sasser at 103 Margaret Street, Joliet, Illinois, telephone 815-725-1670.

Truth Magazine VIII: 8, p. 3
May 1964