March 26, 2019

November 19, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
Surface Cures Larry Ray Hafley front page
The Temptations Related to Church Growth Mike Willis 2
Why Did You Send For Me? Connie W. Adams 3
Question From the Internet Don Willis 5
Postmodernism: An Old Enemy is onin a New Suit David McClister 6
The Connection Peter McPherson 8
The Walls of Denominationalism Daniel Christopher Kinder 10
Her Aged Angel Face Larry Ray Hafley 12
“Congregations of the Lord’s Church” Truman Smith 13
Suicide Gains Sympathy John Isaac Edwards 14
God Controls It All Forrest Morris 15
“Legally Accurate” Valerie L. Durham 18
“Titanic”: Phenomena or Failure Rodney Pitts 20
Holding Fast the Confession of Our Hope Ken Sils 21
The Essential Elements of Righteous Forgiveness Doug Roush 23