March 23, 2019

November 20, 2003 Contents

Title Author Page
From A Preacher’s Notebook Dick Blackford front page
A Trend Toward Instrumental Music in Worship? Mike Willis 2
The Christian’s Hope Connie W. Adams 3
September 11 and Islam William V. Beasley 5
Baptism: Who Needs It? David Dann 6
The Serpent That Was There Marty Pickup 8
The Serpent That Still Was Not There Marc W. Gibson 9
“When Thou Doest Alms” Jim McDonald 11
Unity Within the Local Congregation Ron Daly 12
Court Room Decorum Larry Ray Hafley 13
Episcopalians Permit What God Calls An Abomination Tom O’Neal 16
Ordaining the Openly ____________ Bishop Jay Horsley 17
“Do It My Way” H. Osby Weaver 19
Does EVERY Christian Have to Speak in Tongues? Paul K. Williams 20
Christ and the Church John Isaac Edwards 22