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October 07, 2004 Contents

Title Author Page
Is This a Trend or a Coincidence? Lewis Willis front page
Am I My Brother’s Keeper Mike Willis 2
“When All Men Speak Well Of You” Billy Norris 3
The Story Behind the Know Your Bible Correspondence Course Gene Tope 5
What is the Church of Christ? Craig Thomas 6
Dancing Benjamin Franklin 7
A Stack of Waffles Craig Meyer 8
Alcohol — Just Another Drink? T. Sean Sullivan 10
The Godhead and Jesus Don Wright 12
An Idyllic Early Kingdom Frank Himmel 14
“Just So You’re Sincere” Larry Ray Hafley 15
Sodomy Dick Blackford 16
Why Do People Divorce? Dave Morrison 19
Christ’s Church Lives Forever Fred Melton 20
Is God Male? Kyle Pope 22
Everlasting Punishment John Isaac Edwards 23