May 07, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
The Life of a Christian — An Introduction Lewis Willis front page
The Value of Being a Christian Doug Roush 2
How to Become a Christian Paul R. Blake 3
The Life of a Christian is …A Changed Life Jim Walsh 5
A Life of Faith Lewis Willis 7
A Life of Love Keith Storment 9
A Life of Sacrifi ce Lewis Willis 11
A Life of Service Larry DeVore 12
Committed to Purity Doug Roush 14
A Life of Hope Larry R. DeVore 16
A Life of Joy Paul R. Blake 18
A Life of Peace Keith Storment 20
A Life of Suffering Jim Walsh 22

April 16, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
What Would You Pay To Go To Heaven? Johnie Edwards front page
I Will Put You in Remembrance Mike Willis 2
Why Not Libya? Connie W. Adams 3
What Is Gospel Preaching? W. R. Jones 5
Our “Beloved” Brethren Richie Thetford 6
Situation Ethics and the Child of God Andy Alexander 8
When You Think No One Is Looking. . . Richard Boone 9
Mission Impossible Without Commitment George Harris 10
Who Divided the Lord’s Church? Lindsay A. Allen 12
A Watchdog Must be Gentle Steve Klein 15
“I Plead The Fifth, Lord!” Harry R. Osborne 16
Reading, Writing, and Refl ecting Steve Willis 18
Heirs According to the Promise Eric Norford 20
Consequences of False Teaching Steve Lee 22

April 02, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
I Saw A Blind Lady Today Richard Boone front page
Preach the Kingdom of God Mike Willis 2
The Harrell Booklet on the Bounds of Christian Unity Connie W. Adams 3
What Part Is It You Don’t Understand Johnie Edwards 5
A Shocking Parade Show Larry Ray Hafl ey 6
Free Exercise of Christian Faith Endangered by Court Ruling 8
Abide Wherein He Is Called Floyd D. Chappelear 9
The Lord’s Work on the Isle of Jamaica Kenneth D. Sils 10
Applying the Bible’s Teaching on Church Autonomy Steve Wallace 11
Eighth Trip to the Phillippines, November 7-December 8, 1997 Jim McDonald 14
The Ruthlessness of Satan Tom M. Roberts 18
Does Character Matter? Harry Osborne 20
Max Lucado Expouses Baptist Doctrine Donald P. Ames 21
“What Is Wrong With Dancing?” Gene Taylor 22
Beer Bottle Epitaph Larry Ray Hafley 26

March 19, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
The Benefits of Regular Attendance Richard Boone front page
The Influences of Television Programs Mike Willis 2
A Short Trip to South Africa Connie Adams 3
The Difference Between a Hypocrite and a Good Person Making a Mistake Clarence Johnson 5
Downtown (College Place) Church of Christ Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Herschel E. Patton 6
Philippine Profi les (7) Jim McDonald 10
First Affirmative Douglas T. Hawkins 12
First Negative Elmer Moore 14
Second Affirmative Douglas T. Hawkins 16
Second Negative Elmer Moore 19
Third Affirmative Douglas T. Hawkins 21
Third Negative Elmer Moore 24