January 15, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
Priorities and Our Children Berry Kercheville front page
Why I Believe in God Mike Willis 2
“The Rumors of My Demise” Connie W. Adams 3
“Then Paul Stood Up, And Beckoning With His Hand” Johnie Edwards 5
Lessons From the Titanic Dennis Tucker 6
Is This All of the Package? Lewis Willis 8
How Honest Are We? Quentin McCay 10
Perversion of the Gospel James P. Needham 12
Occasions of Stumbling Daniel H. King, Sr. 18
Hell Hath No Fury Steve Willis 19
Philippine Profiles (4) Jim McDonald 20

January 01, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
True Conversion David Dann front page
Conversion Demands Conviction Chuck Bartlett 2
Conversion: The Theme of Acts 2 Justin Atkins 3
Conversion in Acts 8 James Carter Houchen 5
The Conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch Jesse Flowers 7
“Saul, Saul, Why Persecutest Thou Me?” Philip W. Martin 9
If I Was The Devil Olen Holderby 10
Cornelius Neal Bahro 11
The Faith of Lydia Eric McKee 12
The Philippian Jailer Joshua Reaves 14
The Conversion of the Corinthians Josuha Gurtler 16
The Willing Ephesians of Acts 19 Marcus Vondracek 17
Almost Persuaded Bruce J. Dehut 18
The Rich Young Ruler Chris Nicholson 20
No “Five-Step Formula” (?) Larry Ray Hafley 22
God’s Law of Pardon Lewis Willis 23