February 22, 2019

Phillipine Trip March 30: Appeal for Help

March 13, 2009th Year of Our Lord

Dear brethren,

If God wills, I leave March 30 for my 34th preaching trip to the fertile
fields of the Philippines.  I am forever indebted to Jim McDonald for taking
me the first time in 1995.  Precious souls in that faraway land hunger and
thirst to learn the truth.  Freely we have received and freely we must give
(Matt 10:8).  Two well-experienced brethren will join hands and hearts as we
labor together: Harry Osborne (84th St. Church of Christ, Oklahoma City, OK)
and Steve Wallace (Eastside Church of Christ, Fairmont, WV).  All of us
will leave the U.S. March 30, then Steve will return April 18,
Harry May 2, and myself May 4.

There are 90 million Filipino souls: 90% Catholic and 10% in paganism,
denominationalism, Islam, and general unbelief.  U.S. influence including
our language has been strong there since the Spanish-American War of 1898
when the Philippines became a U.S. territory.  Filipinos suffered terribly
at the hands of the Japanese during WW II but were liberated by the U.S. and
received independence July 4, 1946.  These providential factors help to make
them open and receptive.  Most understand English.

One of the most effective things we can do to spread the gospel is to teach
and train preachers.  Filipinos know their own people and culture better
than we do and ultimately they will be the most effective in teaching their
own people.  This trip is devoted to training Filipino preachers.

Beginning in May 2003, a full month has been devoted to preacher training
classes at Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Province on Luzon, hosted by Rody
Gumpad.  In April each year 24 students have lived in a cramped “barracks”
at the back of Rody’s house, and his wife has prepared three daily meals for
everyone with the help of other sisters and brothers.  Typically, I have
taught the first two weeks with other U.S. and Filipino brethren, and Harry
has taught the second two weeks along with other brethren.  Dozens of
preachers trained in these classes are faithfully proclaiming the gospel of

We will teach two shorter sessions this year.  Harry, Steve, and I will
share teaching duties with Rody March 30-April 17, then Steve will return
home while Harry, Lordy Salunga, and I travel to Cebu City, Cebu Province on
Cebu Island to repeat the classes April 18-May 1, hosted by Jonathan Carino.
His wife and other saints will prepare the meals for students coming
from the central Philippine islands.

Classes will include surveys of all books of the Bible, the New Testament
church, church history, denominational doctrines, the preacher’s life and
work, and issues dividing brethren (instrumental music, missionary
societies, premillennialism, one cup, etc.).  We start at 8:00 AM,
have a lunch break, finish at 6:30 PM, eat supper, and at 7:30 PM
learn how to use a study Bible, concordance, dictionary, and maps.
9:00-11:00 PM the men will work on assignments.  In short,
these classes will be intensive and thorough.

I will stay in Manila a few extra days to help the new Makati City church.
Elijah Sikat, Jimmy Battung, and Atoy Frano are diligently working, and
Jimmy and Atoy will join the classes for preachers.

All the world must know the Savior has come!  The Philippine field is wide
open for preaching the gospel of Christ in its original purity, simplicity,
and power.  Financial help from churches and individuals is essential if we
are to go.  Donors always receive a financial report (2 Cor. 8:21).  More
importantly, your gifts “are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice,
pleasing to God” (Phil. 4:18 NIV).

May I hear from you soon if you can help?  Individuals giving $500 or more
for such projects as church buildings can write checks to Help A Neighbor
for a tax deduction.  All other checks should be written to Ron Halbrook.
Send all donations to my home address.  My departure date is March 30.

In Christian love,
Ron Halbrook
3505 Horse Run Ct., Shepherdsville, KY 40165-6954
(Phone 502-955-1748 or 957-6726; e-mail halbrook@insightbb.com