February 22, 2019

September 18, 2003 Contents

Title Author Page
Please Don’t Leave For College T. Sean Sullivan front page
What Is a False Teacher? Mike Willis 2
The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints Connie W. Adams 3
“I Am Afraid of You” Chris Reeves 6
Church Treasurer Imprisoned For Embezzlement John Isaac Edwards 8
Divine Trials and Testing Mark Mayberry 10
“Whosoever Shall Put Away His Wife” Jim McDonald 11
The House of the Living God Valerio Marchi 12
We Stand Firm! But When, Where; and How Firm? Ferrell Jenkins 14
What Does the Bible Say About Dancing? Randy Blackaby 16
A Case of Deceptive Argumentation Bill Reeves 18
Thoughts On Speaking in Tongues Larry Ray Hafley 20
Testifying and Testimonials Ben F. Vick, Jr. 22
The Value of Godly Women Andrew Mitchell 4