February 21, 2019

Truth Magazine Online Edition April 2018


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EDITORIAL: Growing from Genesis and the 2018 Truth Lectures
by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Josiah: "There Was No King Like Him"
by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: Not for the Tongues of Angels
by Sherelyn Mayberry

DOCTRINE: The Sermon on the Mount: Salt and Light
by David Flatt

FAMILY: Dealing with Unexpected Illness
by Phillip E. Stuckey

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Why did Jehu slay Ahab's sons in 2 Kings 10? Did he do right in this?
by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Jericho-The City of Palm Trees
by Trent and Rebekah Dutton


Article 1: Different Dispensations
by Shawn Chancellor

Article 2: Because You Have Done This...
by Bruce Reeves

Article 3: The Choices of Abraham and Lot
by Jason Warner

Article 4: Melchizedek and Christ
by Warren E. Berkley

Article 5: Is There Evidence for Joseph in Egypt?
by Kyle Pope

Article 6: Whatever Was Written...
by Mark Mayberry